• Mihir: Symmetric encryption revisited. Cryptography in the age of mass surveillance.
  • PhilCrafting definitions: (1) adept secret-sharing; (2) garbled circuits; (3) robust authenticated encryption; (4) indistinguishability up to correctness.
  • Stefano: Techniques for indistinguishability proofs from H-coefficient to the expectation and chi-squared methods. Applications to multi-user security.
  • Pooya: Introduction to indifferentiability.
  • John: Indifferentiability of block ciphers.
  • Yevgeniy: Random oracles with auxiliary input. The compression and pre-sampling techniques. Bounds in multi-instance security. Extensions to the generic-group, random-permutation, and ideal-cipher models.
  • Krzysztof: Time/space lower bounds (Hellman, Rainbow tables, etc.). A proof of the S × T ≥ N lower bound for inverting random functions/permutations as an illustration of the compression technique. Proofs of Space (the “beyond-Hellman type”) as a modern application of this technique.
  • Joël: Pebbling games and their applications in crypto and ex-post-facto pebbling reductions.