Registration & Travel

Registration: Please register here. Please also fill the school form here so we know you are coming!

Stipends: We have a very limited number of stipends that cover the registration fee only. When filling the form, please indicate under motivation if: (1) you have funding, (2) you can only come with a stipend, or (3) you would consider coming without a stipend. The stipends will be announced on June 16th after we have received all “expressions of interest”. Please note that we would like to give the stipends to attendees who are more in need of financial support. If you need a stipend, please mention this on the motivation form by 15 June 2018. It would be good to have a statement about your funding situation and ideally it would be also good to have a brief statement from your advisor. Please ask your advisor to send it to the school organizers. If your participation is dependant on whether or not you receive a stipend, feel free to register after the stipend notification.

Location: The school will be held at the University Residential Center in the small picturesque town of Bertinoro which provides an ideal environment for interaction and fostering collaborations. Accommodation in the form of shared and single-occupancy rooms is offered to the participants. Meals are also provided.

Bertinoro is located in Emilia-Romagna about 50km east of Bologna. The nearest major airport is the Bologna Guglielmo Marconi International Airport (BLQ) which has good connectivity to many major European locations. Numerous trains run between Bologna and Forlì. The simplest way to reach Bertinoro from Forlì is by taxi, but there are also local buses. Two airports around Milan have direct flights to and from a number of North American cities. There are trains from Milan Central Train Station to Forlì, and from there by taxi to Bertinoro. For further travel directions please check BiCi :: How to Reach Bertinoro.